MOT Testing

Car owners are required to have MOT testing carried out on their vehicle every 12 months, in compliance with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). This is to ensure their car is roadworthy and meets environmental laws. If your vehicle is at least 3 years old, MOT testing is also compulsory, otherwise motorists without a valid MOT certificate can risk a £1000 fine. At AutoQuest Redhill Ltd, MOT testing is part of our first-class garage services, available at highly competitive prices.

MOT testing


What’s Included in MOT Testing?

  • Recording the unique serial or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Checking the legibility of the registration plate, including the size and spacing of letter, and whether its properly secured to the vehicle

MOT testing will check the condition and the operation of the following components to ensure they comply with the DVSA regulations:

  • Lights, including colour and angle of the headlights
  • Steering and suspension
  • Windscreens, including cracks which cannot exceed 10mm (thereby obstructing the driver’s view) or 40mm (within the radius of the windscreen wipers)
  • Windscreen wipers and washers
  • Side mirrors and rear-view mirrors
  • Car horns
  • Seatbelts
  • Drivers’ and front passengers’ seats
  • Fuel systems, for leaks or loose caps and seals
  • Exhaust emissions and security of the exhaust pipe
  • Bodywork, for damage, corrosion and dangerously sharp edges
  • Doors, including ease of access from both the interior and exterior
  • Wheels and tyres, for size, type and tread
  • Brakes, which are usually checked on a roller brake tester machine

MOT Testing

MOT CertificateTo ensure your car is safe to drive, our experts will carry out MOT testing, which involves checking your vehicle to determine if it is roadworthy and if any car repairs, such as a wheel alignment or tyre replacement, is needed.

Full MOT testing at £40 – Redhill, Reigate and Surrey clients can arrange for annual MOT testing by appointment only, which is available for any make or model of vehicle

Motorists in Redhill, Reigate and the surrounding Surrey areas should be aware that MOT testing is not a substitute for car servicing, which should be scheduled in addition to annual MOT tests. Any car repairs recommended in the MOT certificate should also be carried out to improve safety and performance on the road. It is important for car owners to keep their MOT certificate updated, otherwise this may risk invalidating future car insurance claims.

About MOT Testers

MOT testing stations are easy to spot with the blue triangle MOT motif, which assures Redhill, Reigate and Surrey drivers that the Vehicle Inspectorate has authorised their company to carry out MOT garage services. At AutoQuest Redhill Ltd, our technicians are fully-qualified to perform MOT testing on private and trade vehicles.

We are officially nominated MOT testers, adhering to the regulations for examining cars as outlined in the Tester’s Manual or the MOT Inspection Manual. All related garage services and tests are visual inspections and do not include dismantling parts or components. During MOT testing, technicians can only fail a component if the reason for rejection is specified in the up-to-date manual and MOT database.

Following MOT testing, Redhill, Reigate and Surrey motorists will be issued with a paper document or certificate, which acts like an MOT test receipt. An official document will be recorded online which approved MOT testing centres can access. This outlines the dates of up to three of your previous MOT tests, the current mileage, the name and location of the garage and a list of MOT car repairs and garage services that have been recommended.

Full MOT testing from £40

Redhill, Reigate and Surrey clients can arrange for annual MOT testing by appointment only, which is available for any make or model of vehicle


Motorists in Redhill, Reigate and the nearby Surrey areas can expect vehicle components, such as batteries and electrical wiring, plus an engine tune-up and oil change, as part of our car servicing packages to examine the performance of your car.

wheel alignment equipment

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment, which is also called ‘tracking’, is the process carried out by mechanics to ensure that the wheels and axles of your car are set to the correct position and move in the same direction